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We are HappMobi

We provide ideal learning experiences based on real behaviors.

What we do for good?

We develop content and deliver complete solutions for distance education, following the whole life cycle of an online educational project.

What is Educational consulting?

Educational Consulting (Needs assessment)

  • How is your business??
  • What is happening in your company?
  • Where does your company want to go?
Customized content

Customized content Interactive videos, infographics, podcasts, online courses… and whatever else you could need!

The format of the training goes according to the need of the learning experience. We are ready to offer a vast menu of digital solutions… for desktop, mobile or whatever! ;)

Gerenciamento de Projetos

Project management#TimmingWithQuality#ExpectationSameAsReality

Guarantee of the best understanding of your expectations for a delivery within the agreed timeframe and with the desired quality – for you and for us!

Entrega da Solução

Solutions delivery

Our solutions also comprise several code languages, standards and specifications such as:



Connecting behavior with learning. More!

x... What?

xAPI is a way to collect data about the experience, activities and behaviors that a user can have in online learning situations based on their interactions.

It means that at the same time the user assimilates the content and interacts with it, specific information directly related to their behavior is being captured.

Is he able?

How did he interact?

What did he access?

Where did he share it?

How does he prefer to study?

It results in the construction of useful knowledge for developing new strategic educational initiatives, focused on real issues.

deliver educational solutions using xAPI to enrich the learning experience of your staff and provide strategic information to business based on their behavior.

What about you?

Are you ready to construct and enhance knowledge connecting behavior with learning experiences?

The good news is that we are already done to help you!


Our day by day clients.

Porto Seguro
Hospital Oswaldo Cruz
C & A
Tokio Marine
Sociedade Brasileira de Patologia


We are a startup formed by a multidisciplinary professional team with more than 15 years of experience in the distance education segment.

Aurélio Davanço

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MBA in IT Management and PMP certification. I have been in the digital education business for 14 years and have worked in the main companies in the segment. I believe that our differential lies in the relationship and involvement in creating solutions together with our customers.

Aurélio Davanço

Business and projects

Denise Yumi

I graduated in Social Communication with specialization in Radio and TV, because I wanted to be a screenwriter. However, I ended up joining the corporate education market 17 years ago, working with face-to-face training. About 2011, I came across the universe of distance learning and I was enchanted by the possibility of developing more attractive learning experiences based on good narratives.

Denise Yumi

Educational solutions consulting

Diego Arruda

I have been working developing online trainings for more than 18 years, and I have acquired extensive knowledge of various programming languages and experience in the development of the most different course formats. My goal is always to combine innovation and speed in each project.

Diego de Arruda


Dário Batista

14 years of experience in the development of B2B and B2C online education projects proving that more than a beautiful face, the training interface is one of the main responsible for a better learning experience.

Dario Batista

Art direction

Carlos Ogata

Full Stack developer which have been working with EAD for eight years. I bring this experience to make possible for Happmobi to adapt to the technical needs of the client, since I understand several programming languages to turn them into experiences. For me, quality and functionality are essential in an educational project.

Carlos Ogata



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Avenida Queiroz Filho, 1700
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